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Strengths – Yours and Mine



Focus on Strengths

AgriStrategies LLC focuses on strengths, not weaknesses, opportunities, threats, problems or issues which are all important for awareness, but don’t have the ability to create as much value as leveraging the strengths of the team.  This also allows the team to perform at a level that is always greater than the sum of the potential of each teammate.

Definition and Creation of Strengths

AgriStrategies LLC defines strengths as something a team excels at that gives the team a competitive advantage over other teams and can be measured.  The investment in experience such as practice, knowledge and skills combined with talent create these strengths.  Leveraging strengths when the senses are used to understand and operate in the internal and external environments leads to success.

my Strengths

unique and independent

You can’t get this combination of experience, education, service and value anywhere else. 

available (for now)

There is a tremendous need and demand for agribusiness management assistance and not enough independent supply of available talent.

farming experience

I understand the culture and nuances of the farming community.  I am excited about new technology and growth.  I want to see the next generation succeed with the farm. 

Agribusiness experience

I’ve worked with many other agribusinesses from grain elevators and retail farm suppliers to dairy, livestock, poultry, row crop, fruit, vegetable and greenhouse farmers to grain, meat, dairy, egg, fruit and vegetable processors that were in similar situations. 

diverse experience

I’ve seen all the other parts of the country and even some other parts of the world and can bring an appreciation and perspective to the unique competitive landscape you are operating in. 

financial experience

I’ve put financial statements together and torn them apart.  I’ve analyzed financial statements frontwards and backwards.  I’ve built financial and operational models to develop, understand, communicate and act on business plans and potential scenarios.  I’ve made decisions, made mistakes, had success and learned from all of them.

lending experience

I understand lenders of all sizes, geographies, risk appetites and loan structure preferences.  I know who they are.  I know what they can and cannot do.  I know what their regulators want them to do.  I know what their investors want them to do.  I know what they are looking for from you to give you the best deal possible.  I know what they can offer and how they can help.  I can offer an unbiased review of your lender options.  I have the ability to act as an interpreter between the agricultural and financial fields without conflict.

rural america experience

I know about the limitations on technology, labor, communication, health care, etc.  I know about the opportunities available in Rural America. 

Whatever you are doing right, let’s do it better!