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Success – How Can I Help


What Do You Need to Succeed

Vision for Success

AgriStrategies LLC defines success as anything that the team wants to change as long as they measure the current and future state.  The senses are used to define and prepare for success. Being prepared when an opportunity presents itself to leverage your strengths creates success.  Success can be as simple as reviewing last month’s results within 30 days of the end of the month or as complex as changing a weakness into a strength over the next year or growing the value of the business 10 times over the next 10 years. 

Stakeholder Involvement

AgriStrategies LLC is focused on helping teams achieve success as defined by the stakeholders such as the owners, investors, managers, coaches, employees, lenders, regulators, customers, suppliers, and community members that have a say in the decisions that need to be made. 

Independent Coaching

AgriStrategies LLC is an independent agribusiness expert that coaches agribusiness teams such as agricultural producers, processors and suppliers for a fee to prepare and assist them for success by leveraging the strengths of their agribusiness teams and teammates.  This model aligns the preparation and success of the team and the coaches along the journey as successful coaches and coaching teams will result in successful agribusinesses, agribusiness teams and teammates. 

Management Assistance

AgriStrategies LLC assists agribusiness teams with not only preparing for success, but they are also “running the play” with the agribusiness management team by assisting in acquiring resources and developing knowledge, skills, abilities, and procedures to achieve success.

Improved Decision Making

AgriStrategies LLC brings a diverse background, experience, talent and strength in agriculture, finance and banking, as well as works with other coaches to round out the coaching disciplines a team needs, to improve the decision making results of agribusiness management teams and prepare for and achieve success by leveraging the strengths of the agribusiness team. 

AgriStrategies LLC Services Provided

Vision and Perspectives
  • Mission and vision statements
  • Strengths assessments
  • Opportunity plans
  • Value creation plans
  • Strategic plans
  • Business plans
  • Vision for success plans
Stakeholder Facilitation
  • Working with owners, investors, managers, coaches, employees, lenders, regulators, customers, suppliers, community members, competitors, etc. to improve relationships and expectations
  • Restructuring existing relationships and contracts
  • Introducing new stakeholders and resources that bring additional value to the business
  • Facilitating communications to and from and within the stakeholders
  • Organizing peer group and benchmark sharing and discussions among the stakeholders
  • Cultivating customer and vendor relationships with changes in marketing, service, responsiveness, quality, etc. 
Independent Coaching
  • Strategic and financial advice
  • Board and advisory committee facilitator and member
  • Staff development
  • Provide expertise and perspectives
  • Find answers to important questions
  • Challenge assumptions, plans and “the way we’ve always done it”
Management Assistance
  • Contract CFO
  • Turnaround management
  • Operational management
  • Farm and agricultural business management
  • Handling the details and assisting with the preparation and execution required for growth and success
  • Supplementing the depth and robustness of the management team and its decisions by bringing in many new perspectives, contacts, experiences and tools without adding full-time staff or distracting from the existing staff that are already doing more than full time
  • Customer, vendor, inventory, personnel and investment management
  • Refinancing and capital raising
  • Improving access to and cost of capital to finance growth in cash flow, receivables, inventory, growing crops, breeding stock, equipment, facilities, real estate, investments and the business by telling the story of historical and projected results.
  • Negotiate and advocate on behalf of the agribusiness
Decision Analysis
  • Providing improved decision making analysis
  • Refining decision making and results around labor and hard assets.
  • Financial, operational, personnel and economic analysis
  • Financial plan/actual variance analysis
  • Operational analysis
  • Yield, production and marketing trends and analysis
  • Break-even and burn-rate analysis
  • Fixed and variable cost analysis
  • Stress testing balance sheet and income statement analysis
  • Customer, vendor, inventory, personnel and investment analysis

AgriStrategies LLC can help you create even more success.