AgriStrategies LLC 25 Questions for Your Business by Steve Kluemper

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25 Questions for Your Business

Obtaining financing for your business to achieve your goals is often a daunting task. A lot of questions need to be answered. This list of 25 questions is a good way to start breaking down this task into manageable pieces.

  1. What Are Your Goals?
  2. Why are you in business?
  3. Who are the key stakeholders for your business?
  4. How do you communicate with key stakeholders?
  5. What are your business’ competitive strengths?
  6. What does success look like for your business?
  7. How will you achieve success?
  8. What does your business plan look like?   
  9. What Financing Do You Need? 
  10. What does your business do?
  11. Where is your business going?
  12. How does your business succeed?
  13. Does your business have the cash to succeed?
  14. What commitments are you making to help your business succeed?
  15. How are you planning to make sure all the commitments you make can be met?
  16. What does your annual budget look like? 
  17. What Information Do You Need To Get Financing? 
  18. Are you profitable?
  19. Are you efficiently using your assets?
  20. How can you improve your return on assets?
  21. How much debt do you have relative to your income?
  22. What debt structures do you have relative to your assets?
  23. What mitigating factors do you have to offset less desirable metrics?
  24. What do your financial metrics look like?
  25. How Do You Finance Your Business To Achieve Your Goals?

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