Author: Steve Kluemper

Where Will The Money Come From by Steve Kluemper

How do you finance your business to achieve your goals when starting, growing or retiring your business? Whether you’re part of the generation looking to harvest your life’s work, the generation seeking to plant the seeds for your future, or the generation in between wanting to grow or diversify, we’ve built a series for you. […]

How Does Your Business Succeed?

How does your business succeed?  What are the ingredients for success? Cash is one of those ingredients. What are the three steps for success?Making and receiving commitments is one of those steps. Who is involved in these commitments? How can an annual cash flow budget clarify the needed commitments and lead to success?   On […]

How Can AgriStrategies LLC Help Your Business Assess What Happened In 2020 And Plan For 2021? by Steve Kluemper

Update 2020 balance sheet, income and expenses. Prepare scenarios for 2021 income and expenses. Production levels and prices, income improvement opportunities, government support, other income Input levels and prices, cost reduction opportunities, unanticipated costs, other fixed costs Calculate monthly cash flows and funding needs. Receivables, inventory, investments, capital spending Payables, debt payments, owner withdrawals Identify […]

What Does Your Business Do?

What does your business do?  Who asks this question?  Who needs to know?  How do you communicate with them?  What should your business do?  What could your business do?  What is your vision and sense of direction for your business?  How do you gather insights into these questions from others and share your own insights […]

Why Are You In Business?

Why are you in business?  There are returns that you want from being in business.  Some are personal.  Some are strategic.  Some are financial.  How do you measure these returns to set goals and assess your level of success?  What does success look like for you?  What are the competitive assets and strengths of your […]