AgriStrategies LLC Ohio FFA Sponsorship and Introduction by Steve Kluemper

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Steve Kuemper AgriStrategies

Hello! My name is Steve Kluemper.  I’m glad you stopped by.  AgriStrategies LLC is proud to support the Ohio FFA in conjunction with the 2023 Northern Ohio TMA Great Lakes Conference Golf Outing, 2022 Ohio Bankers League Ag Lending Conference and the 2021 Southern Ohio TMA Golf Outing.

I grew up in agriculture and have a 30-year career working with farms, agribusinesses and agricultural lenders. I’m here because I’m an independent consultant who can help young or retiring farmers and agribusinesses, and all of the rest in between, with their financial management and decisions. I hope you will reach out to me for a free consultation so we can discuss how I can help.

In fact, if you click over to this CONTACT PAGE on my website and submit your contact information, AgriStrategies LLC will donate $1 to the Ohio FFA Foundation for every verified contact received. You can also learn about scheduling a free consultation and helping support the Ohio FFA Foundation even more below. 

Where will the money come from…

…to get your business started?

…to make your business better?

…to grow your business bigger?

…to retire from your business?

…to meet the goals for your business?

…to bring the next generation into your business?

…to pay the bills and the lender for your business?

…to find the right lender and capital for your business?

…to help your business support the Ohio FFA Foundation?

AgriStrategies LLC can help you answer these questions and more.

In addition to helping farmers of all ages with their financial management and decisions, if you are in ag retail, I can not only help your business, but I can help you help your farmer customers, to make them more successful down the road, so that you make more sales and most importantly, turn those sales into cash in your bank account.  The same goes if you are processing or marketing an agricultural product that you are receiving from your farmers.  I can help you and help your farmers strengthen and grow your supply chain with viable farm operations.

Steve Kluemper Cows
Cows in a farm. Dairy cows. Cowshed

Examples of what I can help with by bringing my 30 years of, financial management and ag banking, experience and perspectives, to agricultural producers, processors and suppliers, include improving cash flow and profitability, managing their business and finances, bringing in the next generation, putting together a projection, communicating a business plan, facilitating stakeholder discussions, restructuring a balance sheet, getting an existing lender or a new lender or a credit manager comfortable with a credit request and analyzing decisions that need to be made, etc.

AgriStrategies LLC will make a donation to the Ohio FFA Foundation for each free consultation with me that is scheduled and accompanied by the information packet below. 

Anyone who wants to learn more about how AgriStrategies LLC can help producers, suppliers, processors and other partners in the agricultural industry, or just wants to support the Ohio FFA Foundation, should contact me to schedule a free consultation or at least submit their contact information. I look forward to our discussion!  Thank you!

Steve Kluemper


[email protected]

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