How Can AgriStrategies LLC Help Your Business Assess What Happened In The Past And Plan For The Future? by Steve Kluemper

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Steve Kuemper AgriStrategies
  • Update balance sheet, income and expenses.
  • Prepare scenarios for future income and expenses.
    • Production levels and prices, income improvement opportunities, government support, other income
    • Input levels and prices, cost reduction opportunities, unanticipated costs, other fixed costs
  • Calculate monthly cash flows and funding needs.
    • Receivables, inventory, investments, capital spending
    • Payables, debt payments, owner withdrawals
  • Identify funding sources.
    • Sales of unprofitable assets, SBA, USDA, Lenders, Vendors, Investors
  • Project balance sheet results for various scenarios.
    • Working capital, assets, debt, equity
  • Prepare updated business plan to obtain stakeholder feedback and approvals.
    • Owners, investors, managers, coaches, employees, lenders, regulators, customers, suppliers, and community members

How Can AgriStrategies LLC Help?

Steve Kluemper AgriStrategies