Author: Steve Kluemper

How Can AgriStrategies LLC Help Agricultural Processors And Marketers Build A Stronger Supply Chain? by Steve Kluemper

Agricultural processors and marketers need to grow with a supply chain of financially viable farmers that focus on their strengths and grow with the supply chain.  AgriStrategies LLC can work with agricultural processors and marketers to help farmer suppliers improve their financial management, vision, growth and viability. Farmers don’t always have the time, experiences, skills, […]

How Can AgriStrategies LLC Help Agricultural Suppliers Manage Their Credit Risk? by Steve Kluemper

As the size, complexity and credit risk of farms increase, agricultural suppliers need to require better information from farmers to plan for and manage increasing credit exposure.  AgriStrategies LLC can work with agricultural suppliers to help farmers better communicate their needs and how they will meet all of their obligations.  When farmers request high levels […]

How Can AgriStrategies LLC Help Agricultural Suppliers Grow Their Business? by Steve Kluemper

Whether agricultural suppliers sell genetics, feed, chemicals, supplies, equipment or services to the crop or livestock industries, they need to grow with financially viable farmers that are growing.  AgriStrategies LLC can work with agricultural suppliers to help farmer customers improve their financial management, vision and on-going growth and viability. Farmers don’t always have the time, […]

What Typical Steps Are Involved In Working With AgriStrategies LLC? by Steve Kluemper

Step 1 – Initial Consultation Can be over-the-phone or in-person when possible at no charge. Goal for AgriStrategies is to learn about your business. Current situation, goals and needs. Can include a financial assessment. Goal for you is to learn about AgriStrategies. How can AgriStrategies help my business? Step 2 – Project Consultation AgriStrategies will […]

What Questions Can AgriStrategies LLC Help Answer For Your Business? by Steve Kluemper

How can we improve the cash flow, profitability and financial and risk management of our business and justify the reinvestment that is needed for our business? How should we communicate our vision for the future, manage the business and especially the finances, facilitate discussions with lenders, vendors and investors, analyze decisions that need to be […]

AgriStrategies LLC Steve Kluemper Bio

BACKGROUND AND EDUCATION Steve grew up on a grain and livestock farm in Southwest Indiana, earned a bachelor of science degree from Purdue University in Agricultural Economics and ten years later earned a Food and Agribusiness Masters in Business Administration degree from Purdue.  Steve has a passion for bringing his agricultural background and education to […]

Cash is King in Agriculture by Steve Kluemper

“Number one, cash is king… number two, communicate… number three, buy or bury the competition.” – the late Jack Welch, God rest his soul Number One, Cash is King How are your cash receipts going to be impacted by COVID-19? FAPRI projects a $32.2 billion decrease in farm cash receipts in 2020 due to COVID-19. […]

Stay Home, Stay Safe by Steve Kluemper

With Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order and similar orders across the country, we are all spending a lot more time at home with our spouses and children.  This is a great blessing.  To help keep them safe, I am suggesting that there is something we know we should do and now would be […]