Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference Virtual Booth Introduction by Steve Kluemper

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Steve Kuemper AgriStrategies

Hello!  My name is Steve Kluemper.  I’m glad you stopped by.  AgriStrategies LLC is proud to sponsor this 2021 Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference.  I’m here because I can help you with financial management tasks for your agricultural business.  I hope you will schedule a free consultation with me so we can discuss how I can help!

In fact, AgriStrategies LLC will make a donation to the Dairy Ambassador Program with each free consultation that is accompanied by the form at the end of the information packet below. These funds will support youth scholarships and costs associated with the Dairy Ambassadors who are supporting and promoting the dairy industry throughout the state.

Examples of what I can help with by bringing my 30 years of, financial management and ag banking, experience and perspectives, include improving cash flow and profitability, bringing in the next generation, putting together a projection, communicating a business plan, restructuring a balance sheet, getting an existing lender or a new lender or a credit manager comfortable with a credit request and analyzing decisions that need to be made, etc. 

If you are an agricultural producer, supplier or processor, or know of one, that might need some help with financial management, I would very much like to talk to you to see how I can help.

So, please contact me now to schedule a free consultation and help support the Dairy Ambassador Program. I look forward to our discussion and hope you have a great conference!  Thank you!

Steve Kluemper


[email protected]

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